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Defending Perwaiz Kambakhesh is defense of freedom and justice

Parviz Kambakhsh

Perwaiz Kambakhesh, student of Journalism Faculty of Balkh University and journalist in "New World" newspaper, who has been in prison since three months, was sentenced to death by the court of the province. Ministry of Information and Culture by dropping crocodile tears on the case, has shown their so-called "concerns" about his "case", under this name that "his crime is not a media crime", avoided the issue and has endorsed his death warrant without announcing it.

The procedure of this trial and charging of accusations against Kambakhesh doesn't have a tiny difference with trials and inquisitions of Dark Age's period. Kambakhesh hasn't committed any crime neither his trial has been just and open nor he has access to lawyer which is his legal right.

Is the reading or taking of an article from internet equal to apostasy? Can the sentencing of death to somebody who is not the author of essay and doesn't believe in it, has any other meaning rather than intimidating of others and taking their freedom? Can the issuing of this ordinance, be any other thing except for mocking democracy, freedom of speech, human rights and etc while regime of Mr. Karzia and his international supporters are inflated to defend these principles?

If this is the case that the court of Balkh should work for certainty of justice then why the court keeps silent against those aggressors who are involved in murder and kidnapping, spying, cultivating and trafficking of narcotics and tens of other crimes and clear aggressions? Why Kambakhesh is sentenced to death, while until now neither the court of Balk nor any other court of Afghanistan has sentenced to death not even their "combatant enemies".

If this is the case that those who are destroying the pillars of religion should be prosecuted, then why those people aren't prosecuted who have committed the most unforgivable crimes like hammering of nail into the head, roasting people inside containers, cutting breasts, rapping and etc under the flag of Islam?

As "Solidarity Party of Afghanistan" puts defending of freedom and justice as one of its essential aims, we will not leave Perwaiz Kambakhesh alone and also ask from all parties, organizations, civil entities, freedom-loving personals and human rights defenders to raise their objections against this inequity and don't allow youth Kambakhesh to become victim of conspiracies of a handful of criminals.

Defending Perwaiz Kambakhesh is defense of freedom and justice!
Unite against aggression and fascism of warlords!
Long live freedom, democracy and social justice!

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan
31st January 2008

Hambastagi Ghag (The Voice of Solidarity) reflects view points and policies of "Solidarity Party of Afghanistan"