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اعلاميه حزب
ضرورت و چگونگي شكل گيري حزب
برنامـه و اساسنامه
كرنلاره او اساسنامه
د حزب اعلاميه

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No.1, June 2004

Resolution of
Solidarity Party of Afghanistan

Our motherland is on the verge of getting rid of demolishing wars of invaders, hardliners and fanatic terrorists. The bleeding wound of the past two decades on the injured body of the nation needs skillful hands to cure them.

The "International Anti-Terror Coalition" that stepped in to Afghanistan to bring peace and stability and promote democracy has counted for their mission on the elements with bloody hands.

Taking the above mentioned points into consideration, some genuine sons and daughters of Afghanistan who had spent part of their lives in the fronts against the invasion and have never taken part in the destructive power fighting, moved forward and took the initiatives in hand.

They have stretched hands towards the national figures and intellectuals on vast scale of the country, refugee camps and Afghans living abroad who were looking forward to finding solutions and way out of the crises to organize the determined elements around a single platform of democracy and independence, and say no to warlordism and its supporters.

The new party announcing its presence is well aware of all the hurdles on the way to democratic values, but has strengthened resolves:

To struggle for the independence, liberty, sovereignty and unity of the country with full determination, rejecting all ethnic, gender, tribal, religious, linguistic and regional discriminations; the party wants the warlords and their company to be questioned for their bonanza wealth, and want them to be on trial for war crimes and for betraying the nation; and supports the International Human Rights Resolution and the Charter of the United Nations; and to pave the way for the promotion of progressive national culture and preservation of women's rights.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) wants the complete extinction of terrorism, eradication of narcotics, poverty and illiteracy and feels fully committed to respecting the new constitution despite its certain weaknesses, and is determined to struggle for its objectives which are in fact the untold wishes of oppressed and deprived Afghans; and play a major role in the economic, social and cultural development of the Afghan society.

Achieving these objectives is not possible unless uncompromising, truthful, persistent and united struggle against terrorism and warlordism is adopted by all democratic figures. On the question of terrorism the government is weak and it has led the south and the eastern parts of the country into turmoil. At the same time the government's compromise with the warlords in the north and the west, has made life hell for the people of Afghanistan.

Long live the unity of all pro-democracy forces!
Down with warlords and foreign-oriented elements!
Long live independent, free, prosperous and democratic Afghanistan!

April 16, 2004

Hambastagi Ghag (The Voice of Solidarity) reflects view points and policies of "Solidarity Party of Afghanistan"